science fiction, fantasy, romance and cats

Praise for the Dragon's Bidding Series

Westcott enters the world of space opera with a rousing tale that combines romance and science fiction without being too heavy-handed in either genre. The heroine is a kick-ass soldier committed to doing the right thing and the hero is more than the sum of his parts. The worldbuilding is solid, the aliens are creepy and the addition of telepathic cats is pure genius.

​                                                                                                  --RT Book Reviews



The adventure is great, but mostly I loved the characters...human, cat and ship....I hope to see more of Fitz and Wolf. For adventure, intrigue, spaceships, cybernetics, heroines, heroes and , let's not forget, cats, I recommend A Hero for the Empire.

                                                                                                --Whiskey with my Books

​An action-packed space opera thrill ride. The butt-kicking heroine is on a mission to save the empire--and she won't take no for an answer. Her fighting spirit and badassery are equally matched by the hero and they make for an awesome couple. I loved watching the two of them fall in love amidst the chaos of the mission and the mounting tension in the empire.

                                                                             --Rhonda Mason, author of The Empress Game and Cloak of War

Fast-paced, hard-hitting, and fun, A HERO FOR THE EMPIRE has action, romance, galactic political machinations, and a snarky telepathic cat. A winning combination!

                                                              --Linnea Sinclair, award-winning author of the Dock Five Universe Series